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Depaco® company has started it’s activity in 1999, as an importer of metal tiles.


In March 2007, the company went through a process of change in the overall business strategy, and it’s activity range was extended.

The development strategy focused primarily on the transition from being an importer to being a producer of high-quality metallic sheet tiles.


In 2010, Wetterbest® launches the Wetterbest® Wind profile, a metallic tile profile with an economical geometry.


In 2013, Depaco® acquires 51% of Cortina’s shares and starts the production process at Podari, Dolj County. A new automatic production line for a Wetterbest® metal tile works in the Podari factory to ensure the necessary zoning at the same superior quality, delivering fast and offering a full range of products and services.

Another important step in 2013 is the launch of the Wetterbest® Plus metal tile profile, a rich and elegant profile, the first profile on the Romanian market with symmetry along the longitudinal axis.


Two years later, the Wetterbest® Gladiator profile is launched, a profile inspired by the elegance of the classic Mediterranean roofs, which is also symmetrical along the longitudinal axis.


At the beginning of 2016, a new point of business opens in Bacau to optimize and streamline logistics services and to better serve the North-East area of the country.

Also at the beginning of this year, the Wetterbest® portfolio widened with the Wetterbest® Colosseum profile, a slim and robust metal tile profile that borrows from the elegance of the ceramic tile with which it resembles and gives the roof a traditional touch.

Year 2016 is marked by another important step: the start of export activity.


In 2017, the export activity expanded and Wetterbest® products reached seven other European markets: Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, France, Belgium, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Year 2017 marks the move to a new stage of development and evolution, with the acquisition of a 50% stake in Depaco by Teraplast. The Teraplast Group operates in the installation and fitting out, carpentry, sandwich panels and galvanized metal structures, thermal insulation and PVC granules and holds top positions in most of these markets. The mother company Teraplast is the market leader in the segments of outdoor sewers and granules, and is the second player in the market for indoor sewers. Subsidiary TeraSteel is the second player in sandwich panel market and the market leader in galvanized metal structures.


At present, the production process at the Depaco® factory from Baicoi is conducted on more than 40 automated lines: for metallic sheet tiles with different profiles, for corrugated metallic sheet tiles (4 sizes), for the drainage system, for seamed metallic sheet tiles and for many other accessories.


Depaco® is pursuing a strategy of medium and long-term growth by investing in advanced automated production equipment, metallic sheet tiles and roofing accessories.

To expand nationally, the company acquired high performance equipment from the most renowned European manufacturers, equipment which ensures high productivity and a highly accurate execution. Thus, we offer our clients fast delivery (48 hours), safe packaging, certification of quality through the implementation of ISO 9001:2008 standards and through traceability of our products (the ability to identify them).

We chose to offer our customers European standards products, fast services of offering and transportation, consulting services and technical support, because performance is what defines us.