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The Dripstop membrane

Wetterbest® offers, starting July 2016, the special adhesive membrane Dripstop, that sticks to the inner metal surface of the roof panels during their automated profiling, replacing the use of conventional formula of vapor-permeable membrane.

Dripstop membrane is an economical way to solve the problem of condensation in buildings with non-isolated thermally roof, preventing water dripping inside the building, extending the life of metal roofing and increasing acoustic insulation and reducing acoustic noise of rain.

Dripstop has a great capacity to store the water that can result from condensation. By using Dripstop membrane is eliminated the occurrence of the most common effect of condensation inside buildings, namely, dampness.

Dripstop membrane can be washed with water and has very good resistance to bacteria.

It can be used on metal roofs of residential houses, warehouses, production halls, warehouses, sheds, garages, silos for grain, gyms, stadiums, livestock farms, etc.


Granite® Storm

The new raw material in the Wetterbest portfolio, Granite® Storm steel sheet has an enhanced durability with a matte finish and an exceptional plasticity, being a novel solution for roofing.

The unsurpassed quality of this material is given by the combination of organic coating of 50 μm, flexible but thick, and the steel substrate with an amount of zinc 275 gr / sqm. This raw material also has a long life span and a guarantee of 40 years for peeling and corrosion.

Granite® Storm is part of the ArcelorMittal Nature range. All  Nature organic coated steels are free of heavy metals and chromates. Granite® Storm benefits from the recyclability of steel, in addition to a paint which respects the environment.

Another advantage of this material is high UV, corrosion and delamination resistance.