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Wetterbest® Faltz are traditionally folded panels, configured on site out of  flat metal sheet mini-rolls. They are obtained by prefolding the flat metal sheet mini-rolls on a special machine.

The roofing systems made out of Wetterbest® Faltz panels are elegant and adaptable to any type of architecture, being yield a perfect result both for old buildings, renovated or restored and new buildings.

The Wetterbest® Faltz flat panels for roofs are the surest solution to cover residential, commercial, industrial, etc. projects, both on the roof and on the facade. By double seaming, the roofing systems made out of Wetterbest® Faltz panels, confer roofs, increased safety at infiltrations and a very high lifespan.

Wetterbest Faltz panels can be installed on small slopes, starting from 3.5 ° and continuing with vertical cladding.


Technical characteristics of Wetterbest® Faltz panels:

Raw material Hot pre-painted galvanized steel
Thickness 0.5-0.6 mm
Zinc protection shield 225-275 g/m²
Paint protection shield glossy polyester 25 µm, matte polyester 35 µm, , matte polyurethane 50 µm
RAL colors According to color chart
Usable width of the sheet 145-765 mm
Minimum mounting slope 3,5⁰
Warranty 10 years for Glossy finish
15 years for Matte finish
30 years for Mat 3D / Quartz

40 years for Mat Storm


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