Sealing and fastening elements | Wetterbest

To complete the range of elements composing the Wetterbest metallic sheets systems, Depaco® also distributes the following products for a better sealing and functioning of the roofs:

  1. Adhesive roll for protection under the apexes IZOVENT
  2. Closure Strips For Metal Roofing
  3. Anti-birds plastic comb
  4. Sealing muff
  5. Silicone Aquafix
  6. Aluband
  7. Roof Ventilation Caps

Moreover, Depaco® also supplies the fastening system of Wetterbest® metallic sheet tiles. Therefore in the company’s portfolio of products are also the fastening screws according to the technical regulations. Using such products is highly important for the endurance and reliability of the roof.

For fastening a metallic sheet we use two types of drilling screws which have an improved EPDM rubber seal. The long screws 4.8x35mm are used for fastening the metallic sheet and the roof flashing on the wooden roof; the short screws 4.8x20mm are used for fastening the sheets together -weaving.

These screws are specially designed for outside usage, having an extra protection against corrosion.