Stubai Roofing Tools | Wetterbest

To achieve a high quality montages of the Wetterbest® complete roof systems, out company provides the installation teams, professional tools for tinsmith works. Those are produced by the Austrian company, STUBAI, world-leader of its industry, which since 1742 develops tools and devices for the construction industry.

Made from high quality steel, enriched with carbon, the STUBAI tinsmithing tools can handle the mechanical wear during use, for a long period of time.

We provide tools suitable for every type of operation executed on metallic roofing systems, and not only: cutting, folding, bending, mapping, etc.

Also, we can provide equipment for working at height.

By using the STUBAI tools, devices, accessories and workwear it is eliminated the risk of damaging materials, thus ensuring a high quality installation.

The Wetterbest® STUBAI tinsmithing tools portofolio includes:

  1. Pelican pattern snips
  2. Combination tin snips right/left
  3. Curved tin snips
  4. Tinsmith‘s Round nose pliers
  5. Tinsmith‘s seaming pliers, straight
  6. Tinsmith‘s Seaming pliers, angle 45°
  7. Round seaming pliers
  8. Plastic seaming piece
  9. Plastic faced hammer wedge shape
  10. Plastic faced hammer rectangular
  11. Plastic faced hammer, round
  12. Chalk line
  13. Special gutter cord
  14. Marking template, hardened, stainless
  15. Drip edge seamer
  16. Single lock seamer
  17. Double seamer
  18. Spring for tin snips
  19. Roofing seamer, straight
  20. Hacksaw lightweight 12“
  21. Safety harness