Complete drainage system | Wetterbest

The rain water evacuation system completes the functionality of the roof by ensuring the efficient drainage of the rain water.

The components of the drainage systems are manufactured on automatic lines, having precise dimensions, are completely sealed and easy to assemble and install.

Due to being manufactured from high quality steel, the Wetterbest® drainage system can be used in any climate and have high life expectancy.

The material warrants the color resistance, a no maintenance costs usage, exceptional rigidity and light thermal dilatation, regardless the temperature.

Moreover, the entire range of products is available in rich chromatic spectrum, being suitable for any project.

The drainage system is manufactured in two dimensional types:

  • Wetterbest 125/88 where the gutter is of 125 mm diameter and the pipe of 88 mm diameter.
  • Wetterbest 150/97 where the gutter is of 150 mm diameter and the pipe of 97 mm diameter.


Color chart

*Colors may vary depending on the type of monitor. To make sure you choose the right color, ask your Wetterbest® representative for the color chart.