Corrugated sheet | Wetterbest

The Wetterbest® corrugated sheets, having a trapezoidal profile, are mainly used for industrial projects, both exterior and interior constructions, for covering roofs, walls and other aesthetic usage. Therefore they can be used for both civil constructions and fences.

Technical characteristics:

• Cover: polyester -25 mycrons for shiny sheet and polyester -35 mycrons for matte sheet.

• Colors: according to the Wetterbest® color pallet

• Thickness: 0.33 mm – 1 mm

The use of each type of corrugated sheet

The Wetterbest® portfolio contains four types of corrugated sheets, each with different, but specific purposes, as fallow:

• W8 is recommended for indoor and outdoor cladding.

• W18 can be used for the walls of industrial halls and for the roofs of residential construction.

• W35 can be used for walls and roofs of small and medium construction.

• W60 positive is used for industrial roofs and W60 negative is used for lost casing.

Technical drawing for W8

Technical drawing for W18

Technical drawing for W35

Technical drawing for W60 Positive

Technical drawing for W60 Negative