Wetterbest Colosseum | Wetterbest

The Colosseum Wetterbest® metal tile completes the range of Depaco® metal roofing.

The geometry of the Wetterbest® Colosseum metal tiles are svelte and wide, those aspects contributing at the increase of the evacuation speed of the water from the roof and of the snow.

Furthermore, the Wetterbest® Colosseum profile brings an increased resistance to the mechanical tests that the metallic roofing will be submitted to.

Compared tot the traditional tiles, the Wetterbest® Colosseum metal tiles have the base cut on the outline, which helps to achieve a minimum overlap of the tile panels, without material loss.

Technical characteristics of Wetterbest® Plus

Raw material Hot pre-painted galvanized steel
Thickness 0,50 mm – 0,6 mm
Zinc protection shield 225-275 g/m²
Paint protection shield Glossy polyester 25 µm, mat polyester 35 µm, mat polyurethane 50 µm
RAL Colors According to color chart
Length of the sheet -25 stair 450-3950 mm
Usable width of the sheet 1045mm
Total width of the sheet 1160mm
Tile pattern length 350mm
Corrugate height 40mm
Step height between steps 25 mm
Distance between laths (wood support for installation) 350mm
Minimum mounting slope 14⁰
Warranty 10 years for Glossy finish
15 years for Matte finish
30 years for Mat 3D / Quartz40 years for Mat Storm