Wetterbest Plus | Wetterbest

Dual module metallic tile sheets. The Wetterbest® Plus profile has a robust look combined with an elegant shape. The stair height between steps of 30 mm gives an increased resistance as well as interesting aesthetic qualities.

From a structural point of view, the profile is symmetric to its longitudinal axis, therefore, Wetterbest® Plus sheets can be installed starting from both left or right, making the installation easy and fast.

Technical characteristics of Wetterbest® Plus

Raw material Hot pre-painted galvanized steel
Thickness 0,50 mm – 0,55 mm
Zinc protection shield 225-275 g/m²
Paint protection shield Glossy polyester 25 µm, mat polyester 35 µm, mat polyurethane 50 µm
RAL Colors According to color chart
Length of the sheet -25 stair 380-3180mm
Length of bimodular and unimodular sheets -30 stair 380-730mm
Usable width of the sheet 1150mm
Total width of the sheet 1210mm
Tile pattern length 350mm
Corrugate height 25mm/30mm
Distance between laths (wood support for installation) 350mm
Minimum mounting slope 16⁰
Warranty 10 years for Glossy finish
15 years for Matte finish
30 years for Mat 3D / Quartz40 years for Mat Storm